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Welcome to Styling With Intention

The place to create more freedom, abundance, tranquility, well-being and passion in your life. 

Hi There! I’m Barbara Culkin,  Fashion & Interior Stylist and Lifestyle Designer who help you decorate, dress and live with intention.

Join me to design the lifestyle, home and business you desire by Styling With Intention.

Organize With Intention

Start living stylishly organized and clutter free!

Style Your Business & Website

Create a lifestyle business, brand and website.

Style Your Space

Restyle your space to a tranquil haven to reflect your lifestyle.

Personal Style

Transform your wardrobe to get results in your life.

What is Styling With Intention?

No matter what you’d like to achieve, the secret to everyone’s success is what they surround themselves with.

Styling with Intention focuses on mindfully decorating with PURPOSE and styling your wardrobe to get a RESULT and attract what you want into your life.

By using the power of  Styling with Intention, you are INTENTIONALLY attracting opportunities and become a ‘walking attractant’ for your goal!

Create a signature style for your wardrobe and decor to reflect your lifestyle and personality and at the same time help you attract what you want MOST – all at a budget you can afford!

Design success in your life both personally and professionally ‘from the inside out’ for instant shifts and lasting results by Styling With Intention.

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Create a Cozy Autumn Ambiance

Fall is in the air and with the cooler weather approaching, it’s a great time to make your space a cozy haven to curl up in! Restyle your home to create a warm, cozy and inviting Autumn ambiance. Add enhancements that reflect your personal style and reflect you! This...

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