Personal Style

Make a Lasting Impression with your Signature Style

How many times do we say we’ll update our wardrobe once we lose those last few pounds, get in shape or have more time?

Are there things you always wanted to do but felt you secretly lacked the confidence to pursue it?

Do you feel like you have drawers full of clothes that don’t suit you anymore or a closet full of clothes and yet feel you have nothing to wear?

You wish you can just go on a shopping spree and get a whole new wardrobe.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Suddenly you feel depressed because you feel you can’t afford it!

This then leads to criticizing yourself and your body.

You throw your hands up in despair and wish things were different!

What if I told you, it can be?

No need for overwhelm and frustration with your wardrobe.
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Your personal style can change your life!

The first step is to relax and chill out! Nobody’s perfect. We all have great features and traits that are our strong points.

If there are areas of your life that you’re not happy with, they can be changed.

You just have to take the first step and decide! Tell yourself you’re willing to take the first step.

It’s proven that first impressions are made within a few minutes of meeting someone. Your self-image makes an impact.

Its all about turning up your confidence level, shifting your mindset, and feeling comfortable in your own skin – at ANY size!

You see you CAN feel energized, sexy and comfortable in your own skin at whatever size we’re at!

When you feel more confident, you feel ready to try new opportunities.

You feel more assured in your relationships – both personally and professionally.

Barbara is talented, bright and very creative. She is courteous, respectful and professional. A true gem!
Julie Rivera

New York, NY

Styling yourself goes much deeper than just clothing.

Its about something more personal. That’s why it’s called Personal Styling.

But I take it a step further by Styling with Intention. By using the power of Styling with Intention, you style your wardrobe to get a RESULT and attract what you desire. You’re INTENTIONALLY becoming a ‘walking attractant ‘ for your goals.

As a matter of fact, even my son’s school dress code rules state that students’ focus, self-esteem and behavior is greatly improved when they dress appropriately for school.

Same goes for us adults. By emphasizing your personal style at work, you feel more productive and positive and successful.

You may be thinking- well I’m an entrepreneur that works from home. I can just wear my PJ’s all day.

Or I’m a Stay at Home mom- I can just throw on a pair of yoga pants and its fine.

Actually, the truth is – PJ’s and yoga pants are great. But when dressing for the day, pick outfits with style and comfort and PURPOSE.

Dressing successfully for the day increases your focus, energy and productivity.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could :

  • Create your ‘Signature Style’ and build your core staple wardrobe by working with your current budget and wardrobe pieces and build from there.
  • Learn how to style your wardrobe, pick pieces that flatter your body type and highlight your best features.
  • Discover your personal power color and make an unforgettable impression wherever you go! By dressing and accessorizing with these colors, increase your confidence, success and income!

By refreshing and defining your personal style to reflect your lifestyle and personality, your goals can’t help BUT to be attracted to you!

When you style your wardrobe in a way that reflects YOU and dress with colors and accessories you LOVE, you actually feel more confident to take on the world!

Take Action Now:

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Start creating your signature style to get on your styled way!

No need for overwhelm and frustration with your wardrobe. Keep it simple and let’s get started by taking the first step to start dressing with confidence and ease.

Get Your FREE Copy of Styling With Intention Basic Wardrobe Essentials.