Get ready to decorate your space for love and romance! Did you know that there is an area of your home that can help you attract love into your life? It’s very true!  

 Before putting any of these tips into place, you first have to become clear in your intention.  Are you looking to manifest your Soulmate- the love of your life? If so, what does that look like for you? How does it make you feel? Be as specific as possible. Really take some time to focus on what you want to attract and feel those feelings throughout your soul. Because from this point, you then want to surround yourself with home décor that makes you feel those same loving and romantic vibes around you.

Here are some ways you can decorate your home decor to create strong love vibes:

  • Make your intention.  Intend to have that new romantic partner in your life. How would that look like for you? What kind of partner do you want in your life? Get as clear as possible on the type of person you’d love to attract into your life.
  • Make a Love List. This is one of my favorite manifestations techniques! Make a list of all the qualities you’d love to have in your dream partner. Make a love wish list. Be relaxed and in the present moment when you do this exercise. Make it a meditative journaling practice. Don’t censor yourself. Just let it flow and put it all down. When complete, rewrite it in a red ink pen and put it in a red envelope and place it in your love corner.
  • Activate the Love Area of your space. The far right-hand corner of your space is the Love Area of your home. This is the place to amplify the love energy if you’re looking for new love or looking to heat things up with your current love partner.  This is the place to put your love wish list!
  • Decorate With Love Décor– Hang a picture or painting of a loving couple that resonates with you. Every time you look at this painting, you feel strong love vibes. Decorate with paired objects such as a pair of candles, two love pillows, two hearts -you get the idea ;). Also, the colors to decorate in this area to stir up the love energy in this area are the colors- red and pink.

By adding these decorating tips into place, paired with a strong intention, you unleash the magic to happen in your love life. Get ready for a romantic ride!