FREE Guided Mini Meditations

Tap Into Your Inner Ocean Of Emotion

Simple, easy and quick guided meditations to incorporate into your lifestyle on a daily basis.
Practice mindfulness as well as reduce stress, enhance spiritual development and support overall wellbeing.

Feel relaxed and tranquil in minutes with these meditations!

Mini Meditation to Get and Stay Organized

Get and stay organized in less than 5 minutes a day! Imagine living stylishly organized and clutter free!
Listen to and follow this method daily to feel peaceful, productive, happy and healthy in your space.

Mini Meditation to Release Stress and Worry

Simple and soothing mini-meditation to instantly shift your energy from fear and worry to calming grace and peace within.
Create a sense of serenity within yourself and keep your well-being in checking by listening to regularly.

Mini Meditation to Attract Success and Abundance

Imagine in just minutes a day magnetizing money, abundance, prosperity and success and into your life! Grow, prosper and succeed doing what you love by listening to regularly.


Kids Power Mantras 

Soothing and simple affirmative power mantras for kids to feel positive, confident, calm , relaxed and happy. 

Have kids play and listen to daily for an empowered ‘I can do it’ attitude, mindful living and positive well-being.