It’s the start of a brand new year and it’s the perfect time for a new you to re-emerge. It’s New Year full of hope and new beginnings. 

There is a sense of magic and excitement in the air brimming with possibility,

Do you feel sticking to your new year’s resolution is a challenge for you? Do you feel you’re gung-ho at the start and then it becomes just a thing of the past?

Many times we make resolutions, don’t stick to them and then feel bummed about it! This puts great pressure on us and the goal we want to achieve!

 I want to share with you the secret to making your New Year’s resolution manifest in your life.

This ‘secret’ is quite simple actually. The New Year is a time when we want to make a clean, fresh start in our lives and create wonderful occurrences and lucky opportunities.

The energy of the New Year is a powerful and magical time and this is a great atmosphere for it.

Are you ready to discover the ‘secret sauce’ to make your new year’s resolution manifest? It’s actually not that much of a secret but its Consistency. Consistency is key!

Sometimes we feel we’re making good progress towards or goal or intention but then something happens and we get off track. Many times we then feel it’s time to throw in the towel and call it a day!

This is exactly the time to keep going on be consistent! On the road to success, we’ll encounter some hiccups and challenges but the point is to keep going on stay on track.

The truth is life happens. Even if you feel you really got off track but you still want to achieve your goal, continue with it.

Don’t be hard on yourself or give yourself a hard time with negative self- talk. Turn it around and just pick up where you left off. Consistency leads to progress.

If you put tremendous pressure on yourself and get stressed out about it, that energy won’t be aligned with your goal.

When setting your sights to achieve something to be honest with yourself about how much time you can commit to this goal. When you’re realistic about it and then stay consistent with it, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it. Even if you take small steps and doing little things towards your goal will bring you closer.

Also, make sure to set a visual reminder for yourself of your goal. When you see it regularly you’re setting a visual intention and you’ll be inspired to make it happen. Also, see yourself visually in this picture. And imagine already being that or doing that!

Take small steps daily, be consistent and before you know it, your New Years goals and intentions will start manifesting into your life!