Mysterious excitement is in the air for a spooky Halloween celebration. Your creativity is unleashed and your imagination can go on an adventurous escapade. Your inner child comes out to play and dance with the ghouls and goblins on Halloween night. In masquerade style, you become whatever you want this night and create an ambiance sure to cast a stylish spell.

When entertaining and decorating for this thrilling bash, restyle your home for your spooky Halloween celebration and create an element of mysterious, jaw-dropping charm.

Halloween Styling Intention (say it to yourself 5 times):

I now set the intention to create a hauntingly memorable and festive fun time enjoyed by all!

If your Halloween event is for both kids and adults, make sure to tone down on the gruesome, ghoulish décor. Keep it mysterious and fun. Arrange a kid’s area with Halloween games, crafts and music as well as Halloween- themed food, snacks and beverages. Kids will have a ghostly good time!

Here are my favorite tips to decorate an elegant and spooky Halloween celebration:

  • Create a spellbinding and welcoming entrance to your home for your Halloween soiree. Let your creativity and imagination run wild.
  • Add a touch of spooky sparkle! Dress up your entrance way and foyer with lit pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, luminaries, lanterns or string lights.
  • Pick a Halloween theme for your bash and decorate with matching party décor novelty items with a touch of cobwebs and chilling accessories.
  • Buy some Halloween tablecloths for your kitchen and dining room table. Add a spider web runner for the dining room table for an added chilling touch.
  • Make sure to also purchase Halloween –themed plates, napkins and glassware to set the mood.
  • Dress up your space with ghost, skeleton, pumpkin, scarecrow, jack-o-lantern and witch novelty décor- my favorite!

Cast a Stylish Spell Spooky Halloween Celebration

  • Top the tables with spider-webs and ghost shaped bowls, platters and spreaders with pumpkin handles.
  • Top each table with eye-catching thrilling centerpieces such as magic crystal balls or candelabras for a bewitching look.
  • Place mini pumpkin votive candle holders with tea light candles to set a spooky mood. If you prefer, use LED candles- especially with pets and children. For an added eerie touch, pick the flickering type.

Memorable impressions for your spooky Halloween celebration:

  • Serve spooktacular Halloween cocktails for adults with clever names with vintage apothecary labels. This will be a haunting hit! You can also do this with wine labels as well. Remember to add festive Halloween wine charms too!
  • Arrange a spread of spooky eats for your guests. Prepare Halloween snacks, appetizers, finger food as well as devilish desserts that will be sure to impress!
  • If you’re hosting the Halloween party, make sure to take part in the frightful festivities by wearing a costume. Choose one that’s comfortable and easy to move around in especially when entertaining guests.
  • Wrap up the evening with a spooky party favor treat for each guest stylishly tied with orange or raffia ribbon.

Implement these haunting tips and your elegant event will go in Halloween history as one wicked hit!

For a spooky Halloween celebration repeat to yourself the following intention 3 times:

My Halloween soiree is remembered as a thrilling and spine-tingling fun time!

By painting an enchanting Halloween picture with a festive whimsical mood, you will create an unforgettable and haunting impression that will leave guests spellbound.