The energy of the full moon is very powerful and can bring your intentions to life! Why not use that to magnetize your deepest wish?
One of my favorite ways to do this is to create a Seashell wish candle. Seashells have a magical manifesting element to them and the lighting of the candle focuses your intention on it and energizes your wish.

1- Get Clarity

This first step to manifesting anything in your life is to get crystal clear about exactly what you’d like to create.  The Universe is always listening. When you get super clear on it, the Universe steps in.

2 – Write It In Red

Once you’re clear on your heartfelt intention, get an index card and write your intention on the index card in red pen. Red is an attracting and magnetic color. When you put it in red- Bam! It sends the message loud and clear!

3- Placement of Seashell Wish Candle

Next, get a large seashell and fill it with some sand. Once you do that, place a small tea light candle in it. If you prefer a mini tea light LED candle, you can use that as well.

You then place it over the index card with your intention.

4- Energize It

Place the lit seashell wish candle under the light of the full moon. If you live in a space that the light won’t directly get it, no worries. It’s your INTENTION that matters most!

Also, always make sure to keep in a safe place away from wind, small children or pets. If its an LED candle you can keep it lit. It you have a tea light candle with a flame keep it lit for a short while or until it burns out .

5- Know & Believe

As the candle is lit under the light of the full moon, close your eyes and visualize your intention as if it has already happened for you. Picture white golden light all around you and your wish. Imagine this white golden protective light having magnetic power and pulling your desire into your life. How would that make you FEEL? Pour all those delicious feelings into your picture. Make it as clear as possible. See it and feel as here in your life NOW.

Then release it to the Universe and trust it will happen at the perfect time. Sometimes we want things to happen on our time frame and then feel it’s not fair when it doesn’t come when we want it to. But know, the Universe ALWAYS has your best interest at heart and has a bigger plan for you than you know. Trust it and believe!

Your seashell wish candle not only makes a cool, coastal décor piece but its also an uplifting symbol of your wish and a that your intention is in the making right now!

You can also check out my video on manifesting a wish for a Full Blue Moon for some more inspiration.

Happy Full Moon Manifesting!