We’ve all been there! We get a pretty manicure pedicure the day before we go away for a beach weekend and the next day the nail polish is already chipped! Frustrating, right?!

Being a busy mama of two boys always on the go, this happens a lot! Now let’s face it, even though we’d love to, we can’t get our nails done every day- would be nice, right!

So, I’ll let you in on a cool tidbit that looks like you have a fresh manicure & pedicure all the time- even if it’s the day after the beach! Ready to get the skinny on my nail polish touch up method?

Here is how your manicure & pedicure can last longer

  • When you go to get your nails done at the salon, bring your own color with you. Pick a color that you love and pick a brand that you know lasts a while and works well with your nails. I personally love the brand Sinful Colors. You can pick up this nail polish brand at almost any store and in my experience, it really lasts once you put it on. Plus it’s super reasonable in price too- cha- ching!
  • If you forget to take with you, no worries! Pick a color at the nail salon that you can easily match at a store.
  • Also, purchase a quick dry top coat that dries extra shiny. An extra bonus is one that’s not only shiny but also strengthens your nails! Put on a topcoat of this right after you get your nails done and let dry.
  • Once you see the color start chipping, fill in the chipped cracks with the nail polish. After a few seconds, apply a light coat of the nail polish color over the nails. Let dry for a minute and then apply a layer of the quick dry top coat.

Use this method to extend the life your manicure and pedicure and keep them looking shiny and fabulous! I love this method and use it all the time.

You can do this whenever you need a quick touch up after a day at the beach or anytime until your next pampering trip to the nail salon.

Keep your manicure & pedicure last longer, look shiny & beautiful any time or anywhere!