In today’s episode of Style Soul Podcast – it’s all about getting REAL with ourselves.

Question for you- are you doing the work you LOVE? Are you doing something that you feel gives you true purpose and feel you were meant to do this in your lifetime?

Style Soul Podcast Home Decorating Fashion Feng ShuiSo many times, we just go thru the daily grind because we feel we have to- that we really don’t have a choice. We then feel trapped and frustrated and then decide life isn’t fair.

But lets take it to the flipside. What is there was another way?

What if you discovered you were meant to do so much more in this world and have the freedom to do what you want?

Instead of saying impossible- change it to HOW can I make this possible? Very empowering, right?

You’re suddenly filled with hope and possibility. And think, hey, I can be living my dream!

Today’s episode will help align yourself to your true nature and feel YOU CAN!

What if I told you there is an amazing technique that can bring balance and healing in your life?

It can shift your energy instantly and give you clarity on living the dream you’re meant to live.

Sounds cool, right?

Today, I have a very special guest on Style Soul Podcast.

Priscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Lifestyle Expert who supports women entrepreneurs connect to their soul’s purpose in business and create more freedom, profit and ease in their lives. Through her powerful intuitive work as a Certified Akashic Records Reader, Priscilla provides laser-focused clarity, guidance, strategy and healing so her clients turbo charge their businesses and make the impact they’re here to make now. Priscilla’s holistic approach to success allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle while sharing their brilliance and embodying their purpose with confidence.

Today we will be chatting on aligning with your purpose and creating the possibility for living the dream you’re meant to live.

Thanks for listening & Get Ready to Shift Your Energy!

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What insights did you get about your life purpose in today’s episode? What’s an action step you’re going to take to make this happen? Tell me about it! Share your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Feel fabulous, look stylish and live beautifully!

To your Dreamy Summer Style,

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