Question for you- have you ever walked into a place and you just don’t get a great feeling and something just feels a little off? We’ll all been there! So if you have a situation like this or you’re selling your home and potential buyers are getting a funky feeling of your space, or you just want a cleansing of your space or you just feel your home is a little stressed and you just want it rejuvenate, I have some tips for you today to turn your space into a zen tranquil home to relax.

Here are five ways to get good vibes coming in and transform your space to a feel-good haven.

1. Burn sage to clear your space

A variety of wellness stores carry smuggling sticks. Get matches or a lighter and an ashtray. Light the stick and walk through your home clockwise starting at the front door. Visualize white light coming in thru the home. This purifying technique is extremely powerful and your space will feel very, very clean.

If you’re not be a big fan of the potent scent, use a sage spray since it is just as an effective and it’s much lighter in scent. This is a much better alternative if you have small children or pets.

2. You can also try to burn incense

I have to say – I have a favorite brand of incense that I use is called “spiritual guide”. A friend of mine used it while giving me a Reiki session and since then it’s been my absolute favorite! But you can use any kind that you feel comfortable with.

Light the stick and walk throughout your home holding the ashtray underneath it so no ashes fall on the floor. You can then place it in an incense holder at the center of your home and let it burn or you can walk through your home like I mentioned.  Use whatever method is best for you.

3. Aromatherapy spray creates a zen tranquil home

Try using an aromatherapy spray throughout your home for an instant uplifting rejuvenation and zen feeling. Aromatherapy sprays are amazing! If you have trouble sleeping at night, aromatherapy spray is key. Get a relaxing aromatherapy spray such as lavender and sage or chamomile blend. Spray it throughout your space and also spray a little bit on your bed sheets and pillow before bed. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel well-rested when you wake up. I’d say it works like a charm!

I must say, once my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light. But for most people this works amazing. But for people who have trouble sleeping, this works amazing!

Also, news for moms and dads! Coming from a mom, this tip works wonders for little ones as well.

If you have small children that have trouble going to sleep at night, I highly recommend getting a natural children’s aromatherapy spray. Spray a little bit on their bed sheets a little bit on their pillow. I have to say my little guys fall right asleep after this. So try it and see.

4. Cleanse your space with sea salt

This one is super easy yet extremely effective! Get 4 small glass bowls and fill about halfway with sea salt. Then place in each corner of the room or main floor of your home. Make the intention to cleanse and purify the energy of your space. Leave it there for a month and then after that discard. You can then repeat the process again. It’s amazing how nice your space will feel using this effective and powerful method!

5. Organize your home

When you clear the clutter in your space, it feels more peaceful and relaxed. Clutter in your home will make you feel overwhelmed in your life. Start little by little. Even taking that first step and taking it one step at a time will help you feel more clear both mentally. The more clutter you clear out, the more clarity you’ll have your home and life. Get some more organizing tips here.

By putting these simple tips into place, your home will exude positive zen vibes, promote well-being and will be a pleasure to come home to after a long day! Enjoy your zen tranquil home.