If you’re a busy mama on the go like me, you know often times you’re up & about driving somewhere with your kids. Many times we’d be on the road and my kids would ask me to stop at Mickey D’s for a happy meal. I asked them, why Mickey D’s?

Well, for the toy of course they’d say.

So I came up with an idea to create a ‘Healthy Kids Fun Meal’ which is super easy to make and my kids LOVE it! Perfect to pack up for the beach, a picnic lunch or any time you’re on the go!

Here’s are a few examples of what I make for my healthy kids fun meal, but you can customize to your child’s dietary needs and what they like.

Healthy Kids Fun Meal Ideas Include:

  • Since my boys both love dinosaurs, I make them organic dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and put in a fun colorful holder.
  • A side of fruit. One time I’ll do mandarin oranges, another time apple slices or grapes or a banana. I like to switch it up.
  • One of my boys love applesauce while the other one loves organic yogurt. You can even make different variations for your kids.
  • They love something crunchy with it too. So I’ll bring a side of pretzels for one boy and carrot sticks for my other one.
  • I’ll usually pack a mini water bottle for each of them. You can pick whatever drink they like that keeps them hydrated & feeling good.
  • Since it’s all about the toy – add in a little toy or treat. I pick up a few things at a dollar store such as a matchbox car, pack of stickers, mini dinosaur or superhero figurine. This is usually the hit of the meal 😉
  • I pack it up and put it all together in fun colorful bags and holders. Sometimes I’ll do superheroes or sports theme. They love it!

Since doing this Healthy Kids Fun Meal idea, I’ve gotten much fewer requests to stop at fast food on the road. Be creative and try out different things. They actually look forward to me making these to see what food combo and surprise I came up with. Hey, these guys keep me on my toes and with this creation, I keep them on theirs too!

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