What gets your juices flowing and makes your heart sing?  What’s your inspiration?

Did you know what surrounds you in your living space has a HUGE impact on your thoughts, feelings and outlook on life?

Decorating is my passion. And I’m especially passionate about helping people design for their dreams. I want to share a secret tip with you when decorating your home.

Decorating With Inspiration Intention

Have the intention to mindfully decorate with this purpose by decorating with inspiration. Repeat the following intention 5 times:

I’m taking the steps to decorate my space intentionally for my goals.

When you’re purchasing décor for your home, make sure to pick pictures that make you FEEL GOOD.  Your home is your haven. It’s your place to relax and unwind.

Surround yourself with beautiful uplifting photography, personal keepsakes and reminders of what you aspire to be.

You want to surround yourself with items you love and colors that promote well- being and tranquility in your space.

Decorate With Symbols of Your Intention

If there is an aspiration or goal you want to achieve, decorate with symbols of that intention in your space. By incorporating this into your home decorating scheme and keeping it as a visual reminder, you are one step closer to achieving it!

For example, if you wish to own a home by the beach, hang some pictures of beach scenery and nautical decor in your home.  Or if you aspire to be a writer, surround yourself with items that represent that desire and hang pictures of it in your office.

mindfully decorate with purpose

Knowing this, take a good look at your home. Look at the pictures and paintings on your walls and the décor in your home.

How do you feel when you look at them? Do you feel relaxed and at peaceful? Do you feel inspired and motivated? If not, it’s time to turn that around!

If there are any pictures or paintings hanging in your home of negative or dark depressive scenery it’s best to remove them. This also goes for broken, cracked family stuff and furniture that you’re holding onto at your house out of guilt.

If you feel they’re bringing you down, they will not elevate your mood.

The goal here is to uplift you to attract what you want to manifest.

We all have our own unique style and taste. What may be your desired look may not be someone else’s and that’s OK. Change starts with YOU. This is your creation and you get to pick!

Remember it’s your life that’s being created here and you want to be surrounded by positive decor that creates a haven that promotes well -being and peace.

Inspirational Intention for Decorating:

I design my space for my dream

This is what decorating with inspiration and styling with intention is all about!

By restyling your home with décor that uplifts your spirits and elevates your mood, you will feel more positive, motivated and happy.