If you’re a parent of school aged kids, I’m sure you may be wondering -what to do with all the extra backpacks you’ve accumulated over time?

If your kids are anything like mine, we’ve collected quite a few! We won some, got some as gifts, then the old switch -a -roo! They got one for school year then changed their mind on the design or character.

I’m sure you’ve been there on that one 😉

The ones we no longer need that broke or we’re on their last leg, we disregarded. The ones that were still in good condition, we donated and then there are those that you’re just not sure what to do with?

Your kids still like them and aren’t ready to let go of them just quite yet.

So, here’s an idea on what to do with all the extra backpacks that your kids still love and also serve another great purpose!

Our family loves to explore and take family day trips and road trips to attractions. For my kiddos , the excitement and suspense is hard to contain and the classic “Are we there yet?” comes up very often!

Extra Backpacks Car Trip

I thought of a clever idea that keeps my kids busy in the car and a purposeful use for the extra backpacks!

First off, just keep a few. I fill them with books & toys that keep their attention and don’t play with too often.

Since my kiddos love to read, we accumulate A LOT of books! Many I donate, but for the ones that they still read once in a while and books that they’re in between reading levels on, I still keep.

The same goes for toys. For the ones they still like, but will soon be outgrowing are keepers and get placed in these backpacks. Once I see over time, that’s they’ve outgrown the items in it and no longer are interested in them, I switch them out.

I put a backpack for each of them in my car trunk and my husband’s car trunk as well. If they go overnight to their grandparents for a sleepover, they get one too.

I must say- it works like a charm! They see these newfound books and toys with fresh eyes. Since they don’t see them too often, it really keeps them occupied and engaged while we’re on our way to our new adventures!

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