Take Spring Cleaning to a new level and Organize with Intention!  These tips keep your spaces clean, organized and refreshed. They can be used all year round, not just for Spring.

Spring has finally arrived in full swing! There’s a feeling of rebirth and possibility in the air, but you’re feeling blah? It’s time to stir up the energy of your space and add some spice to your life!

If you haven’t done any Spring cleaning yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

Before doing any makeover or re-decorating project, clear the space to have your place flow freely. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum. Remove one thing and something new comes in. Pretty cool, huh? When ready for change, it’s a priority to clear out the old to make way for the new!

Spring Cleaning Intention:

I now set the intention to get clean, clear and organized.

Here are my top 10 favorite ways to organize your space with intention:


1 ) Start Spring Cleaning by Clearing Clutter

The key to really get the energy flowing is a healthy dose of clutter clearing. I know you may be saying- I’d like to, but there’s too much, or I like to keep everything- just in case and the list goes on. But the main point is to start small.

Don’t fall into overwhelm. Doing a little at a time leads to tremendous progress. By taking baby steps, as time goes on, you’ll be a pro at clutter clearing.

2 ) Clean to Get Clear

Give your space a good scrub down to feel focused and clear! Dust, vacuum, scrub-EVERYTHING! Your place will feel clean, fresh and alive! Do one room at a time. If you feel you don’t have the time do such a cleaning yourself, ask for help. Ask your spouse, friends, children, parents, cousins etc. -whoever is willing to help & pitch in. Make a party out of it, you’ll have a blast and your place will feel rejuvenized! If this feels too time-consuming for you, hire a cleaning person or service to clean your space and make it feel renewed.

3) Give Your Organized Space a Breath of Fresh Air

Clean the windows and open them up as well! Especially after a long and cold Winter, let in some fresh air. Many times I see people have the heat on all Winter and as soon as it gets a little warmer they go right to turning on the Air Conditioner. You want to clear the stale energy especially after a long winter of colds, cases of flu, etc. Get ready for the fresh Spring air!

4) May I Come In?

Create visionary curb appeal. Clean the front door well to invite new opportunities into your life. If it’s chipping or needs a new paint job, give it a fresh coat of paint ASAP. This simple quick and easy fix will make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and bring goodies into your life!

5) Switch Things Up

Stir up the energy by moving around at least 9 things in your space that have been in the same place for months. Pictures on the wall, frames, appliances, magnets on your refrigerator- whatever you feel urged to move! Have fun with it!

Clean Organized Space

6) Make Way for the New

Make room for that hot, new summer wardrobe by clearing out closet clutter! This one is a toughie for many of us! How many of us keep shoes or outfits we haven’t worn in ages in our closets? Sneakers from high school (yep, that was me), that dress that brings back memories, those pair of pants we keep hoping to wear again someday and so forth! If you haven’t worn it in over a year or more, or it doesn’t fit properly- it’s time to say Adios! You can give to a friend or family member or donate to a clothing drive. You’ll feel good and have good karma too!

7) No More Surprises Under the Bed

Clear clutter from under the bed! This attracts excess baggage in your life which you and I know, you don’t want or need! If you don’t use it, move it out of there. The space under the bed should be clear for the energy to flow freely.

8) Our Furry Friends

We love our furry, four-legged friends, but make sure to clean up all pet hair from under and behind the furniture and as well as your entire space. Also, make sure to organize pet supplies and accessories. I recommend using fun colorful stylish baskets.

9) Energize With Nature

Plants are excellent energy enhancers! Plant some flowers, buy some plants or Feng Shui your garden! If you feel you don’t have a ‘green thumb’, buy some low-maintenance plants for your space indoors.

10) Clear The Air

Space clearing is also a good way to clean the energy of your space. If your place doesn’t feel good, or you have trouble sleeping, you may want to hire a professional that does space clearings. They can be very elaborate or simple. Your place will feel very peaceful.

Here are a few simple tips for space clearing:

  • Place a bowl of sea salt in each corner of the room, apartment, or office- whichever room you are clearing. After a week or so, remove the sea salt.
  • You can burn sage in your space too. This is a good cleanser but some people really dislike the smell! If that’s the case, you can buy a sage spray that’s lightly scented and very pleasant. Also, burning some cleansing, lightly scented candles or incense are terrific choices too.

Set Your Intention

Set the intention to do 3 or more of these tips.  Organizing your space is about getting into a routine.  Start with these and by repeating monthly will help keep your space clean and organized.

You can keep your space clean and organized by breaking it up into little steps. After completing the three steps, mark it on your calendar to do another one of these steps in a month.

Repeat to yourself the following intention 3 times:

I now have a clean and organized space.

Imagine feeling more energized with an organized and clean space.