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Living the life you imagined and doing what you love is closer than you think!

How many times do you wake up on a Monday morning feeling anxious for the week ahead?

You’re going to a job that doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore. You’ve been at a dead end job for years. You feel nervous about you’re asking your boss for a raise or asking for a day off for your kids school function hoping you’ll get a Yes?

I’m sure you can relate. We’ve all been there!

My husband and I both worked in NYC.

Hey, when we were young it was great! Rooftop parties, happy hours, Art gallery openings- we were really enjoying the NYC lifestyle and all it had to offer-which was ALOT! That was our lifestyle at that point in our lives.

But then life changed- we met – (awesome day), dated, got married and then started our family.

Our lifestyle changed.

Then we then became two working parents working long hours in NYC and that just wasn’t fun anymore. We had little ones at home that we missed dearly.

I’ll never forget the feeling after my maternity leave was over. I looked at my baby boy’s face and tears welled up in my eyes. I vividly remember thinking- Gosh, I just wish I can be home with him yet doing what I love to do.

I wanted things to change.

But to pay the bills, I had no choice but to go back. Back to the long hours, long commute. By the time I got home at the end of the day it was time to give him to kiss him good night.  I feel like I was missing life’s most important milestones with him. It sucked!

I feel like most of my paycheck was just paying for babysitting and daycare.  If you’re a working parent, I’m sure you can relate!

There’s one day I vividly remember as a turning point. One of my boys had a school event that I wasn’t given permission to take off. I wanted to be there so badly. I’ll never forget the disappointed look on his face and in his eyes as tears came down his face. It just killed me inside!

Being creative and entrepreneurial in nature, I thought to myself – there has to be a way! I didn’t and wouldn’t give up on my dream of being my own boss. Not having to worry about asking to leave early or taking a day off, or vacation time to be with my family.

I did creative work along side my full-time job, but how to make this into a full-time business that I can work from home and be there for my kids too?

I had a burning passion to make this a reality!

I’ve been a creative soul-passionate about color and style since I was a little girl.

Having an extensive background in the Fashion Industry, Business, Home Design and Decorating, I took my expertise, skills and talents and styled myself and my space for what I wanted to create in my life.

As passionate as I was about Fashion, Home Design and Decor my other great love was the Mind/Body/Spirit connection.  I was amazed to discover that all are related and they work wonders when combined.

Styling With Intention was born!

I shared this process with friends, clients, my husband and guess what- it worked for them too!

My husband Terry, the Tech Expert who has a background in web development and online security took steps to design a tech inspired lifestyle by Styling With Intention.

Together we took our greatest passions, skills and expertise and created a Lifestyle Business that we can be doing what we love from where we want and helping others do the same.

Both of us being lovers of the beach and warm climate, moved our family to Sarasota, Florida and LOVING it!

When people ask – Why?

This is my WHY! I created Styling With Intention to help people create a home, business and lifestyle where they can take their greatest passions, do the work they love and be there for their family.

This work gives me fulfillment on all life levels. I can be there for my children and create a better quality of life for them.

Now this may not be everyone and that’s OK. But is it for you? Life’s too short to be stuck in a place that doesn’t fulfill you.

Do you have a burning passion inside of you that’s calling? If so, there’s no time like the present to make it happen. It’s time to create the lifestyle you’ve been yearning for.

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Meet Barb

Barbara Culkin

Barbara Culkin

Barbara Culkin is a Mompreneur, Fashion & Interior Stylist and Lifestyle Designer who helps you create a home, biz and life you love by Styling With Intention!

She is also an award-winning Artist, certified Feng Shui consultant, speaker, published author and freelance writer.

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